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Website maintenance and update

It is useless to have a website with a very worked development, if over time the data is outdated, no aspect of the web is improved or user behavior is analyzed, nor is anything done to improve the user experience in the web, or new products / services or functionalities that can get more conversions are not added, links with errors etc. are not fixed. It would be like leaving the site to your fate.


For all this it is normal that it is given great importance and any company worth its salt value its web maintenance service, since it encompasses all those tasks that allow all the strategies that are carried out can continue to function properly and that the problems that arise are as small as possible and are detected and solved shortly.

What activities are carried out for a web maintenance service? Mainly, good web maintenance requires doing (among many others) the following tasks:


Ensure website security, eliminate vulnerabilities.


Update of product / service catalogs, images, content, texts.


Optimization of page loading speed through code analysis.


Development and insertion of new pages on the website.

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